3-Year-Old Boy Breaks Down in Tears When Dad Shaves His Face: 'I Want Your Beard'

"It kind of escalated into a breakdown, and I was not expecting that at all," said Greg Hogan, a Georgia father of 3.

This clean-shaven dad had no idea that his lack of facial hair would cause his 3-year-old son to break down in tears.

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Greg Hogan, 38, told InsideEdition.com that he has been growing his beard for more than six years. Two of his sons, Liam, 5, and Patrick, 3, are too young to have seen their dad without it  until now.

The summer season looms in Kathleen, Georgia and Hogan laughed that he shaved his beard because "I just needed to give my skin a minute to breathe."

Never did he imagine that his 3-year-old son would have such an adverse reaction.

"He was in shock of my clean-shaven face," Hogan said.

He had shaved the night before, and the following day, Patrick kept asking his dad, "Where's your beard?"

Until that night, "it kind of escalated into a break down, and I was not expecting that at all," Hogan said.

Hogan can be heard in the background of the video asking gently, "Do you still love me?" to which his son shockingly replied through tears, "no."

Thankfully, Hogan was able to salvage his relationship with his youngest of three sons when he promised Patrick that by winter, he will once again have a full beard.

Though Hogan has always been bearded, he began dedicating himself to the cause after Patrick was born.

The boy was diagnosed with Hemophilia A with inhibitors, a rare complication to the bleeding disorder that makes him less responsive to medication.

Hogan and his wife Jackie only found out that their son was was hemophiliac after Patrick was scheduled for a routine circumcision that left him in the ICU for more than a week.

To adapt, Hogan said they covered every inch of their hard wood floors with carpet, padded every corner of the house with foam, and made sure Patrick wore knee pads and a helmet at all times.

It was then that Hogan became committed to growing his beard out, in the name of Beards for Bleeders, a community for fathers of children with hemophilia that raises funds and spreads awareness of the disease.

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Hogan told InsideEdition.com that his beard, which reached five inches at its longest, has always been a good way to start the conversation about his son, who needs to have medicine injected into his chest every morning.

"When you have a little boy who wants to be wild, and be a little boy, there's no slowing him down," Hogan explained. "We take bumps and scratches for granted, but you can't with [Patrick]."

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