Hugh Jackman's Accident Highlights Zip-Line Dangers

Hugh Jackman's zip-line mishap during a taping of Oprah in Sydney, Australia has brought attention to the dangers of zip-lines. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Hugh Jackman is nursing his injured eye after a terrifying zip-line accident that happened while he taped Oprah's show in Australia.

A small bandage covered the cut under his eye as he ate breakfast. He covered the injury with sunglasses when he walked out.  

The zip-line accident could have been a disaster. The popular actor only got a bloody eye, but it was much worse for another man using a zip-line.

Caller: "I need, I need an ambulance! A guy went off a zip-line! His hand is completely gone!"

David Coleman sustained a horrific injury during a mishap on a homemade zip-line near his home in South Carolina in 2008.

Coleman attached a steel cable and rope to a tree at the top of a steep hill. The other end of the line was 40 feet below, attached to a second tree. Coleman grabbed onto the zip-line and went flying toward the river, and that's when it went horribly wrong.

As he let go of the handle to drop into the river, a wire wrapped around his wrist completely severing his hand.

Pete Liston, who owns Skull Canyon Zipline in Corona, California, says zip-lines can be dangerous unless you know what you're doing.

He showed an INSIDE EDITION producer the safety precautions that Jackman should have taken.

First, a helmet is essential, as well as two heavy-duty gloves. Jackman was wearing only one. Liston also says Jackman was going way too fast, around 30 to 40 miles an hour, when he hit the light.

As for Coleman, a friend actually found his hand at the bottom of the river and surgeons were able to reattach it.

His right arm is now a full three inches shorter than his left.   

Considering what could have happened, Hugh Jackman was lucky.