Lost Video Highlights Muhammad Ali as Few Have Seen Him - Acting and Singing on Stage

He may have been "The Greatest" in the ring, but a rare video shows Muhammad Ali trying a different technique for Broadway.

Muhammad Ali will forever be known as the greatest fighter to ever live. He will also be known as a man of the people, dedicated to charity and helping others.

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There was also a side of Ali that few will remember — as an actor and singer.

During a 1969 appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, he sang for the audience. At the time, Ali was suspended from boxing for refusing to serve in the Vietnam war and was starring in a now forgotten Broadway musical, Buck White.

However, the show flopped and closed after just five performances.

That same year on The David Frost Show, Ali displayed his famous deadpan humor as the host pushed him to define the word “vulgar.”

"You know what I mean,” Ali said to the British talk show host. “You're not as dumb as you look."

Ali had a natural flare for comedy. At a 1976 celebrity roast, he imitated Dean Martin to a room full of laughter.

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By 1977, Ali was on more familiar turf, playing himself in the movie, The Greatest.

He popped up on TV 1979 in a cameo appearance on the hit sitcom, Diff’rent Strokes and also starred in the mini-series, Freedom Road, where he played a slave.

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