Birth Mom Raises Baby With Rare Genetic Condition After She's Abandoned by Adoptive Family

Christina Fisher, 36, never expected to raise a baby alone again but she stepped up when the child's would-be mother ran off.

A woman who planned to give her newborn up for adoption is now raising the baby herself after the would-be mom sprinted out of the hospital in tears when she met the baby, who has a rare genetic condition.

Christina Fisher, 36, never expected to raise a child alone again, looking into adoption due to financial complications and the father being out of the picture.

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After weeks of keeping in contact with an agency and meeting the adoptive parents, Fisher was prepared to give newborn Abigail Lynn a new life and a new home.

But on Jan. 11, the baby was born at a Florida hospital with Treacher Collins Syndrome, a rare genetic condition in which the bones and tissues in the face are not fully developed.

“It was not detected in the amniocentesis or in the ultrasound,” Fisher said on a GoFundMe page dedicated to raising funds to help her care for the baby.

Clearly surprised by the baby's condition, the adoptive mother began crying, fled the hospital and never returned, she said.

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Fisher made the courageous decision to keep Abigail and raise her. “I was not fully prepared for her but now I can no longer see my life without either one of my daughters,” Fisher said.

Fisher's other daughter, 18-year-old Debra, has graduated high school in Louisiana where Fisher’s family resides.

Florida-based photographer Oksana Peery adored the story of baby Abigail and was eager to assemble a beautiful photo shoot with the mother and daughter.

The photos portrayed sweet moments between Fisher and the tiny 5-month-old, including Abigail falling asleep in her mother’s arms.

“Both Christina and Abigail are absolutely amazing, such an incredible story of true love,” Peery told

Baby Abigail is now nearly eight pounds and continues to grow. 

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