Rub-a-Dub-Cub: Playful Black Bear Cools Off in Giant Bathtub on Hot Day

Takoda the Black Bear showed zoo-goers and fellow animals how to properly cool off at the Oregon Zoo in this adorable video.

It seems like Takoda couldn't bear the heat.

The Oregon Zoo resident showed visitors and fellow animals how to cool off properly in an adorable video making the rounds on social media.

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Splashing around in his giant tub, the large black bear tries to stay afloat by clawing onto floating bath toys — but he quickly learns they aren't quite strong enough to hold up the animal, which weighs several hundred pounds. 

Zookeeper Philip Fensterer captured the video, which was posted to the zoo's Facebook page where it already has more than a million views.

With temperatures in Takoda's Portland home reaching the mid-80s, furry friends at the zoo have been especially keen to cool off, and Takoda was clearly able to have plenty of fun while doing so.

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Takoda, which means “friend to all” in Sioux, is an American black bear who was orphaned in Montana and brought to the Oregon Zoo in November 2010.

He can be easily identified by a large white "V" across his chest.

It was deemed too hazardous to release the playful black bear into the wild due to his close human interactions, so he has been living the at the 64-acre zoo for the past six years.

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