108-Year-Old Grandson of a Slave Meets President Obama: 'Never Thought I'd Live to See This'

Lester Townsend is 108 years old and recently got the opportunity to meet President Barack Obama.

The grandson of a slave got the opportunity of his long life recently when he met President Obama.

An admirably spritely Lester Townsend, who is 108 years old, shook hands with the president and the touching encounter that was caught on video and posted to YouTube by the White House.

“The grandson of a slave shaking hands with the president of the United States,” an awed Townsend said during the encounter last week.

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“Oh, man," the president replied. "That’s something right there.”

The president then asked Townsend the question anyone who lives to his age gets asked: "What's your secret?"

"I haven’t found it," Townsend said.

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In a comment on the White House video, a man who identified himself as Townsend's grandson said what was already so clear from the look on the centenarian's face.

"I cannot tell you how happy he is to have had that moment," the man wrote. "He never thought he would see it in his lifetime.

"Not only did he see it, but then he got the opportunity to meet the President. Regardless of where your Politics lie, it means more to him than you could ever know."

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