Cops Stand by Fallen Officer's Son at Kindergarten Graduation: 'We Were All Glad to Be There'

Chicago Police supported 5-year-old Alex Valadez Jr. at his kindergarten graduation in place of his dad, who was killed in the line of duty.

Growing up without a father can be tough on a kid, but the Chicago Police Department has Alex Valadez Jr.'s back, attending the boy's graduation ceremony in an emotional display of kindness.

The 5-year-old smiled proudly as he walked into the gymnasium of Chicago’s Annunciata Elementary school Friday.

Several officers of the Chicago Police Department were in attendance to represent their fallen colleague and father of the graduate, Alejandro Valadez, Sr.

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Officer Valadez Sr. was killed in the line of duty in 2009 when his son was only three weeks old.

The officers, along with the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation — a non-profit organization that honors the lives and supports the families of fallen heroes  proposed the idea to attend the graduation and make Alex’s day unforgettable.

“He came out with the biggest smile on his face,” CPMF volunteer, Kate McMahon, told “We were all glad to be there.”

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Superintendent Eddie Johnson gave a heart-warming speech to the children and parents during the ceremony regarding Alex’s father and the tremendous sacrifices he made as he served his city.

The officers congratulated him with handshakes and several hugs signifying the special bond between the 5-year-old and the department. 

Alex even received an honorary policeman’s jacket and a new bike to commemorate the occasion.

Officer Tom Vargas, Alex’s godfather and Valadez Sr.'s partner, explained to that the moment was "bittersweet."

"Everyone wanted to be a part of it and support Alex," said McMahon. "We are truly a family."

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