Trump Supporter Pelted With Eggs Speaks Out: 'I Stood Up for Myself Like Any American Would'

And said she will soon be joining Trump on stage at future rallies.

The Donald Trump supporter who was egged in the face by protesters at a San Jose rally says she was only defending herself at the time, but some question whether she may have antagonized them with an obscene gesture.

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Rachel Casey denies that claim and told Inside Edition: “They started it with me. I stood up for myself like any other American would.”

The nation was shell-shocked when the 29-year-old bodybuilder was cornered outside a Marriott hotel in San Jose, California last week.

She shared video she took on her phone where she made an obscene gesture to a protester. She then walked into the angry crowd and got hit with an anti-Trump sign.

She was asked if she was taunting them and replied:” Yeah, maybe I egged them on, but I was just sticking up for myself.”

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Casey said the Trump campaign has contacted her, asking if she would be willing to join the GOP frontrunner onstage at future rallies. She said yes.

“To be a victim of eggs and tomatoes, thank God it wasn't bricks and rocks,” she said.

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