Elderly Polish Couple Who Partied Until Dawn in London Nightclub Pens Thank You Note to Promoter

After thanking the promoter for the VIP treatment he received that night, the elderly man goes on to deny the night was a publicity stunt.

The elderly Polish couple who became a viral sensation for taking London's nightlife by storm enjoyed their experience so much that they have sent the club a thank you note straight from the heart.

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After London promoter Jacob Hansen received backlash for a photo he posted of himself and the unnamed couple in their 80s at club Fabric, he followed up with a letter he said proves the story was not a publicity stunt.

"I just received a letter from the famous Polish raver couple," he wrote in a Facebook post earlier this week. "They sent it to the national Polish TV station and they translated it for me."

According to the letter that follows in his post, the elderly man, who was still unnamed, had his dreams come true the night they spent partying at Fabric.

"In our opinion, Fabric is the best club in London," the letter said. "There are no such words to describe the atmosphere and the great fun. These moments sunk in the memory for the rest of the life."

And how wouldn't it? He wrote that Hansen, whom the letter was addressed to, even gave him and his wife, Stanislawa, the VIP treatment after clarifying that the couple was not lost and didn't mistakenly end up in the line into the club.

"The promoter of the party, Mr. Jacob Hansen, served us tea," the letter wrote. "He took us to the balcony for VIP where he worked and played music as DJ Jacob Husley. We had a great view of the London clubbers and on the dance floor."

He even goes on to thank "a young 27 year old girl" who took care of him and his wife until she went home at 3 a.m., which was when the couple hit the dance floor, and took a cab home at 5:30 a.m.

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However, many people commented on the now-viral new Facebook post that they are still skeptical of the story.

Appropriately, the man who wrote the letter even concludes by writing that those who "can't believe our story and claim it is PR stunt or that it was set up," are wrong in accusing Hansen.

And if they still doubt the story, the man wrote that he kept the free drink coupon that night as proof.

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