Money Troubles and Anger Issues May Have Led Woman to Kill Twin Sister - 'They Had a Rage Problem'

Alexandria and Anastasia Duval were no strangers to police.

The strange and deadly saga of two inseparable, identical twins took an even stranger turn when one was charged with killing the other.

But gossip columnist Jose Lambiet tells Inside Edition that Anastasia and Alexandria Duval, aka Ann and Alison Dadow, both 37, did everything together but had deep-seated anger issues and often fought with each other.

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"The had a rage problem, an anger problem, (and) were arrested several times with anger incidents involving even the police," he said.

Those alleged issues culminated in the May 29 death of Anastasia Duval, who was killed when her sister drove their car off a seaside cliff in Hawaii.

Anastasia was pronounced dead at the scene. Alexandria was airlifted to a local hospital with critical injuries. She appeared in court with her arm in a sling, and pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder charges on Monday in Maui.

The car crash is the latest twist in the bizarre lives of the glamorous twins, punctuated by allegedly running yoga studios and then abandoning them, leaving behind unpaid debts and employees, according to local reports.

The sisters left behind a studio in West Palm Beach, Florida, without paying its bills or its employees, according to local reports. They had matching Porsches and shopped at upmarket stores.

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Another studio they allegedly started in Utah later went bankrupt, and was hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, the station reported.

“The success and money got to their heads,” Lambiet said. “They started spending a lot of money and I think they fell behind.”

They have a criminal history that includes arrests for public intoxication, driving under the influence, assaulting a peace officer and battery, the paper reported, citing 2014 and 2015 court records from Florida and Utah.

In January, one of them showed up at a homeless shelter asking for money and saying she had nowhere to go, the paper reported.

She is being held without bail.

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