Family Discovers Furry Friend in Its Dishwasher: 'It Was Bizarre'

A family in London discovers a 3-month-old cub trapped inside their dishwasher when it sneaked into their kitchen.

An unfamiliar houseguest snuck into a family’s home in London and settled inside their dishwasher.

Dr. Simon Hayes, a veterinarian for the Village Vet London practice in Winchmore Hill, began to load dishes one evening when he noticed a fox cub staring back at him.

“It was bizarre,” Dr. Hayes told “I left the door open that night and the little guy snuck inside and stuffed himself between the trolleys in the dishwasher.”

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The veterinarian’s two cats were also curious about the adorable intruder.

“The cat wanted to see what was going on. He ran away when the cub’s head peaked out,” said Dr. Hayes. “The dog just ignored it.”

His children even tried to befriend the 3-month-old fox but quickly learned that it was time for the cub to be set free.

“I could hear the mother calling for the cub,” Dr. Hayes said. “I tried to move the trolley out of the way for the fox to make its way out.”

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According to Dr. Hayes, the cub was healthy with no visible bruises. There were no signs of aggression but he sensed some fear and agitation.

“It was beginning to become a little snappy so I grabbed a broomstick to help him out a little,” said Dr. Hayes. “Once I moved the trolley out of the way, he ran right out.”

The small cub was soon reunited with his mother and several siblings in a den located in Dr. Hayes’ backyard.

“I lived here nine years and never seen anything like it,” said Dr. Hayes. “It’s not every day you find a cub in your dishwasher at 10 p.m.!” 

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