Kate Hudson Seen Using Patches Under Eyes to Keep Her Looking Young: 'I Know This Looks Crazy'

The "Almost Famous" star is a fan of the bizarre treatment, but is it safe?

Kate Hudson has a bizarre, new beauty regimen  two white eye patches connected to electric wires.

"Everyone's looking at me like I'm crazy," the actress says. "I'm just fine, 'cause I know I this looks crazy."

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Dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe tells Inside Edition the patches are connected to an electrode that generates heat in deep layers of skin tissue, which can stimulate collagen production that makes the fragile skin around the eyes thicker and healthier looking.

But is it safe?

Bowe says that heat above 113 degrees Fahrenheit will burn the skin. "You can do some serious damage. You can actually burn the skin and that could lead to scars."

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