Mother Dog Gives Birth to a Whopping 19 Pups

A video shows the adorable moment where the pups climb over each other to be fed by their mother.

Meet Bailee, a 4-year-old African Boerboel who gave birth to one of the largest litters of puppies in history.

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The Alabama dog delivered a whopping 19 puppies at the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in late April.

“The radiograph showed at least 14 to 15 puppies," Dr. Aimee Johnson, a professor at the teaching hospital wrote in a press statement, "so we decided on a C-section because a natural birth for a litter that size would be a long delivery for the mother."

She said a C-section would be safer for the pups, but one died in delivery and another died in the weeks to come.

But, the hospital wrote that the rest of the pups and their mother are "thriving." 

Bailee and her remaining puppies stayed at the hospital for the next month, where a nanny overlooked feedings that happened every 4 hours.

A video shot by the Dothan Eagle demonstrates exactly how complicated feeding sessions can be, as each of the 17 pups climb over each other to nurse on their mom, although they now normally nurse in groups of five or six at a time.

"The litter's doing well," Auburn breeder Jerry Turner said in an interview with the Dothan Eagle last week. “They are very loving, very affectionate and highly intelligent dogs.”

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Bailee was impregnated by a male African Boerboel named Mayhem with the help of the teaching hospital's animal reproductive branch.

Though the hospital believed the 19 pup litter was the biggest ever delivered in their hospital, Bailee did not quite make the Guinness World Record, which reported a United Kingdom dog who gave birth to 24 puppies in 2004.

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