Who Ya Gonna Call? Shopping Center Hires Paranormal Investigators Over 'Ghost' Sightings

At least four people have reported seeing a female ghost inside a shopping mall.

Managers of a Scotland shopping mall have called in a ghostbusters team after receiving several reports of a supernatural specter lurking at the enclosed citadel of consumerism.

The ghost is said to be a woman dressed in old-fashioned black clothes, according to four sightings by customers.

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“We are aware that a shadowy woman has been spotted around the center and we are taking the sightings extremely seriously,” said a spokesman for the Silverburn Shopping Centre in Glasgow, according to the Herald Scotland.

“We have reached out to local experts in the field of paranormal activity, who will hopefully be able to shed some light on the matter,” the spokesman added.

The 7-year-old mall recently added a wing. “It is not uncommon for a spirit to be attached to a site before the present building was constructed,” an employee of Glasgow Paranormal Investigations told the paper.

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“Possibly Silverburn or the construction of the new cinema disturbed it. This can be common in hauntings.

“The most important thing is to ensure whoever it is finds a peaceful resting place,” the employee said.

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