Stanford Attacker Brock Turner May Have Lied to Probation Officers About Doing Drugs, Judge Was Aware

In a memo filed by prosecutors during the sentencing, texts from Turner to his friends show he was far from innocent when it came to partying.

Prosecutors say Stanford attacker Brock Turner may have lied to probation officers about his drink and drug use when he told them he was an "inexperienced drinker and party goer."

It comes as potentially damning images of the student have been unearthed.

Pictures of Turner smoking what's believed to be marijuana from a bong are stoking additional outrage over the six-month sentence handed down to the 20-year-old, perceived as being far too light.

In a letter to the judge, Turner wrote, "coming from a small town in Ohio, I had never really experienced celebrating or partying that involved alcohol."

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But a memo filed by prosecutors during sentencing — citing texts from Turner to his friends — indicates he was far from an innocent when it came to partying.

"Oh dude, I did LSD last night," read one text.

In another, he texted: "Do you think we could buy some wax so we could do some dabs?" referring to highly concentrated marijuana.

A representative for the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office told TMZ Sports that Turner is in protective custody in prison.

Judge Aaron Persky had this information when he sentenced Turner to just six months in the sexual assault case. He has since received death threats.

In addition, a number of people who wrote character letters on Turner's behalf have been walking back their support.

Kelly Ownes, a former high school counselor at Oakwood High School near Dayton, said she "made a mistake" when she said Turner did not deserve jail time.

“Of course he should be held accountable. I pray for the victim, her family and all those affected by this horrible event. I am truly sorry for the additional pain my statement has caused. I tell my students they have to be accountable, and Brock is no exception," she said.

Leslie Rasmussen, one of Turner's childhood friends and drummer for all-girl indie rock band Good English, called Turner "a sweetheart, not a monster."

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Since her statement has come to light, Good English has seen a number of gigs cancelled and Rasmussen has been branded a "rape apologist.”

Rasmussen has since posted a statement to her Facebook page, saying: “I did not acknowledge strongly enough the severity of Brock’s crime and the suffering and pain that his victim endured, and for that lack of acknowledgement, I am deeply sorry.”

The band has since disabled their Facebook page following the backlash.

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