President Obama Tells Jimmy Fallon He Is 'Worried About the Republican Party'

President Obama appeared on 'The Tonight Show' to discuss this year's presidential race.

President Obama covered a variety of topics during while taping The Tonight Show Wednesday, including the fact that he's concerned about the GOP and its likely White House candidate.

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“This is a serious job, this is not reality TV,” Obama told host Jimmy Fallon. “Decisions need to be made and the work has to be done. I have a lot of confidence in the American people and they are reminded at what is at stake and all of the incredibly important issues we have to get right, they have got to make a good choice and that are what they usually do.”

The commander-in-chief will leave the Oval Office in January following November’s presidential election, which will see likely GOP nominee Donald Trump square off against likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The president brought up that at various moments of the campaign, Clinton and Democratic rival Bernie Sanders have both called him for advice.

Fallon asked the president if Trump has called and asked for advice and Obama replied: “No, he hasn’t. Not that I know of.”

"Do you think the Republicans are happy with their choice?" Fallon asked.

"We are," Obama said. "But I don't know how they're feeling."

As the crowd broke out into laughter, the president steered his tone to a more serious direction.

"The truth is I am worried about the Republican party. You want the Republican nominee to be somebody who could do the job if they win," he said. "And you want folks who understand the issues. And where you can sit across the table from them and you have a principled argument. And ultimately can still move the country forward.”

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He added: “There are wonderful Republicans out in the country who want what’s best for the country and may disagree with me on some things but are good, decent people.

"But what’s happened in that party culminating in this current nomination, I think is not actually good for the country as a whole. It’s not something Democrats should wish for.”

Obama's full interview with Fallon will air Thursday night. 

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