Former D.A. Says O.J. Simpson Got a Raw Deal With 33-Year Robbery Sentence

Former Los Angeles District Attorney Gil Garcetti told Inside Edition that O.J. Simpson got a raw deal in 2007.

Former Los Angeles District Attorney Gil Garcetti says O.J. Simpson got a raw deal in 2007 for his armed robbery conviction, which he is currently serving in a Nevada prison.

“The 33 years that he received for what he did, that doesn't seem to be justice," he told Inside Edition. "I don't feel sorry for him that he's behind bars but 33 years doesn't appear to be the appropriate sentence for the crime he committed."

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The 74-year-old is speaking out just as a five-part documentary series, O.J Simpson: Made In America, is about to air on ABC and ESPN starting Saturday.

He also spoke to IE about Simpson's not guilty verdict following the killing of his ex-wife, Nicole.

He said he was "angry" when he heard the verdict in 1995, explaining: “They simply could not have evaluated all the evidence in a couple of hours.”

He added that the verdict might have been different if Marcia Clark had not been the prosecutor, but his first choice to prosecute Simpson, Bill Hodgman, suffered a heart attack and had to step down.

“He would have chosen a different jury. The probability would have been a much greater that we would have had a hung jury. We would have gotten him the second time because by then the sympathy would have passed,” Garcetti said.

Garcetti discussed the turning point in the trial, when Simpson tried on the bloody gloves. 

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“What we didn't know until I saw this documentary was that he was taking medication for arthritis in his hands and he was told if he stopped taking the medication your hands will swell and your hands will stiffen,” he said. “He stopped taking them!”

Garcetti also revealed that former President Jimmy Carter told him weeks before the verdict that the jury would never find Simpson guilty.

“He just looked at me in the eyes and said, “Gil, they're coming back not guilty’ and it was like being punched in the stomach unexpectedly,” he said.

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