Is This Video of a Lion Attacking Proud Trophy Hunters Real?

The authenticity of the chilling footage has been called into question by the YouTube community.

A video of a lion attacking two hunters standing over a dead King of the Jungle has many questioning its authenticity.

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"You can tell it's CGI due to the crappy shadows," one internet sleuth said.

Another said: “When the woman gets behind the lion, the contrast between them is off, as if it's on a green screen."

The video starts with a young woman, rifle in hand, behind a huge lion she supposedly just shot in South Africa. Then, her male companion appears and they pose together.

As the man goes to adjust his camera, a lion approaches the unsuspecting hunters, who both scramble out of the camera frame.

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In the chaos, you hear a rifle fire off camera and screams.

The lion wanders back into frame, unhurt and the two hunters are nowhere to be seen.

Former NYPD video analyst Conor McCourt had a look at the video and told Inside Edition: “I think it is a fake."

He added: “In the shadows we are having issues with the lion in the foreground and the dead lion on the ground, there are issues whether they are from the same camera.” 

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