Family Seeks Answers After Former Romney Staffer Is Murdered: 'Was He Scared? Did He Suffer?'

Instead of planning a wedding, Liz Fried is mourning after her fiance was senselessly murdered in New Orleans.

Liz Fried was supposed to be planning her wedding. Instead, she is trying to come to grips with the unsolved murder of her fiancé.

She fell in love with Thomas Rolfes while they were students at Tulane University in New Orleans. 

"He was just so kind and gentle. So funny ... So intelligent," she told Inside Edition.

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Rolfes had worked with Mitt Romney's advance team during the 2012 presidential campaign. He had been traveling all over the U.S. He was a tireless advocate for Pedal the Cause because his father suffers Stage 4 colon cancer.

But while he was on a trip to New Orleans scouting wedding venues last month, someone shot him to death. 

He had been out drinking with friends and was standing outside a bar waiting for a friend to join him for a bite to eat.

But when his friend came outside, Rolfes was gone. Surveillance video showed him buying two bottles of water at a gas station a mile away from the bar at 3:30 a.m.

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An hour later, surveillance footage showed a bystander stumbling upon Rolfes' body.

This week, Fried held a press conference, begging anyone with information to come forward. There have been no arrests in the case.

"I lie awake every night wondering how he spent the last day of his life," she said. "Was he scared? Did he suffer?"

Romney also sent a statement that read: "His warm smile and engaging personality lifted our spirits," he said. 

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