Seagull Turns Bright Orange After Falling Into Open Vat of Chicken Tikka Masala

The rescue later nicknamed the bird "Gullfrazie" after discovering him in an open vat of leftover curry.

This poor seagull turned a bright shade of orange, when he fell into a vat of chicken tikka masala in the U.K..

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The bird, later nicknamed "Gullfrazie," was probably looking for bits of chicken when he fell into a pot of leftover curry a factory left open, veterinary nurse Lucy Kells told

"I don't think any of us have experienced such an orange, greasy gull to deal with before," Vale Wildlife wrote in a YouTube video, "but boy did he smell good."

"We could have smelled it before we saw it," Kells laughed.

Volunteers from the Vale Wildlife Hospital near Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, rescued the bird from the factory and began cleaning him up using washing liquid to remove the bright orange color from his feathers.

Though his feathers washed back to white after a 30 minutes of scrubbing, Kells said the mouthwatering smell of chicken tikka masala lingered.

"He has still got a smell to him," she told, "not as strong, but if I shut my eyes and opened his cage, I would know it was him."

Kells also said he was very thin when they rescued him, so "maybe that's why he was trying to get the curry."

To help Gullfrazie put on weight, volunteers at the rescue fed him meat and chopped fish as well as dog and cat food.

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Vale Wildlife, which gets hundreds of seagull patients a year, was also worried about the bird's natural oils.

"When you clean the feathers, it removes their natural oils," Kells said. "We need to wait until he's waterproof again before we can release him."

Until then, the once-orange seagull remains at an open aviary until the rescue deems him suitable for be released.

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