This Horse Fools Contractors Into Thinking It's Dead, Becomes Internet Sensation in the Process

Move over Chewbacca Mom, a new viral star just rode into town on this horse.

Video of a horse on a Texas ranch lying on its back and playing dead has gone viral, with more than 38 million views on Facebook.

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Pinto, the clever horse, fooled an electrical contractor that was called to the property of the stallion’s owners.

The woman explained to the contractors that Pinto plays dead all the time and this is normal. She also posted video on her Facebook page Monday which has now been obtained by ViralHog.

The couple, identified as “Mark N Kelly,” have responded to some criticism of people who said their horse is ill with a meme declaring: “Don’t Tell Pinto How to Live His Life.”

The couple also said that Pinto’s possum-like antics are a natural talent and they have not trained the horse.

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"Truth is, I don't know a thing about training horses," the couple posted. "If you just be kind, pet and talk to your animals - they will do just about anything you want them to do. It really takes no special training."

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