Baby Squirrel Finds Loving Home After Being Abandoned by Mother

This little red squirrel was only 4-weeks-old when he fell four stories into behind Decan Anderson's building in Denmark.

This red squirrel was only 4-weeks-old when he fell four stories behind Decan Anderson’s building in Denmark.

The little guy suffered a nasty chest wound from the fall and, abandoned by his mother, he was left in the cold with no one to help him  until Anderson came to his aid.

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With the help of some warming cuddles from his cat Coco, Anderson helped care for the baby squirrel overnight, cleaning his wounds and feeding him warm kitten’s milk.

Anderson quickly fell in love with the squirrel, affectionately naming him TinTin and even fashioning a makeshift t-shirt for him from his sons socks so he wouldn’t scratch his wound.

“He got a little t-shirt. It was truly adorable  just a little bonus factor. Still it took nearly six months to heal and he was so weak,” Anderson tells

It took around-the-clock care, and bottle feeding him every four hours, but TinTin eventually made a full recovery.  

When it came time for him to go home, however, the Danish Wildlife preservation decided TinTin had had too much human interaction and too little natural fear for predators to be released back into the wilderness.

Anderson then built the squirrel a "super-cage" where he could live and sleep in the home of his new family for the rest of his days.

Regular adventures with TinTin include long outdoor walks on his squirrel leash and harness, foraging for nuts, “face-cuddling,” playtime with his squirrel toys, and long naps.  

Decan, who is retired, says caring for his squirrel friend is a full-time job.

“He needs attention from morning to night. I couldn’t have a normal job  a normal person couldn’t do it. They will get bored in the cage. They start jumping back and forth and biting in the cage,” Anderson said.

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But all of the time and energy invested has been worth it, according to Anderson, as TinTin has become not just a part of the family, but a local superstar and internet sensation.

TinTin’s Instagram account has more than 24,000 followers and counting, thanks to Anderson’s daily updates of the squirrels’s adorable adventures.

“It always puts a smile on my face. He always figures out some silly thing to make us to smile. The world needed to smile too and get their laughs as well,” said Anderson. 

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