Woman Once Accused of Killing Twin Flies Out of Hawaii a Free Woman

Inside Edition's cameras were there as Alexandria silently checked in for her flight out of Maui.

Alexandria Duval, formerly a suspect in the death of her identical twin sister, has left Hawaii two days after the murder charges against her were dropped.

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Inside Edition’s cameras were there as Alexandria silently checked in for her flight out of Maui. Her arm was still in a cast after it was broken when their SUV plunged off cliff that left twin sister Anastasia dead.

Five hours after leaving the island paradise behind, Alexandria touched down in Los Angeles before heading to her hometown of Utica, New York, where her sister, Anastasia will be buried.

Her departure comes as new details of the twins’ difficult relationship with each other have come to light.

High school friends of the 37-year-olds at Notre Dame Academy in Utica are speaking out. The sisters were cheerleaders and members of the Jr. ROTC, but even as teenagers, it seems they had a tempestuous relationship.

Jose Lambiet, publisher of GossipExtra.com, told Inside Edition: "I spoke to people who knew them as far back as high school, even though they spent most of their time together.

"They showered together as teenagers... They argued like cats and dogs around the high school. Sometimes it got a little nutty."

The twins became yoga instructors in Palm Beach, Florida, and Park City, Utah. For a while they were successful, but wherever they went, trouble followed.

“They had a rage problem, an anger problem, were arrested in anger incidents involving even police,” Lambiet said.

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Hawaii was supposed to be a fresh start. They even changed their names  from their birth names of Alison Dadow and Ann Dadow to Alexandria Duval and Anastasia Duval, respectively.

But their Hawaiian escape was not paradise.

They were evicted from a rental home and moved to a budget motel. They reportedly fought constantly and then witnesses reportedly say the confrontation on the winding road known as Hana Highway ended in tragedy.

A judge found insufficient evidence to support the murder charge and released Alexandria but the local prosecutor in Hawaii says she may not be off the hook:

“We are considering all options at this point. We believe that a crime has been committed," the prosecutor said.

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