Sarah Palin Fires Back at Hollywood Screenwriter

Sarah Palin defends hunting down that caribou on her reality TV show after being blasted by the writer of The Social Network. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

It's a war of words between Sarah Palin and Hollywood screenwriter Aaron Sorkin over that controversial caribou hunt on Palin's reality show.

Palin ripped into Sorkin during an interview with Good Morning America's Robin Roberts at her Alaska home. 

Good Morning America's Robin Roberts said to Palin, "Aaron Sorkin, I know, Hollywood producer, calls it a snuff film. That there are just some people that see this, and see the high-powered rifle, and go, 'really?' "

Palin said, "His comment on it, I thought, was pretty appalling.  Yeah, I think he's got some of those high-powered rifles in his movies and TV shows though. And I think those are aimed at human beings. Mine is aimed at dinner."

The reknowned screenwriter who created The West Wing and wroteThe Social Network, had called Palin a "witless bully" whose hunting adventure was "heart-stoppingly disgusting."

"You weren't killing that animal for food or shelter or even fashion," Sorkin wrote in the Huffington Post. "You enjoy killing animals."

"For fashion? You mean go kill an animal just for the fur? I couldn't believe that that came out of him. I thought certainly that he uh, wouldn't be that hypocritical," said Palin.

"I think also because it was such a high-powered rifle," said Roberts.

"You can't bring down an animal with a BB gun," said Palin.

Palin took yet another shot at Sorkin. She said she didn't even know his full name, saying, "Is his name Alan or Aaron? I've been calling him Alan."