Guy on a Horse Lassoes Bike Thief Outside Walmart: Reports

An Oregon man stopped an alleged theft with the help of his trusty rope and steed.

An attempted bike thief was thwarted by a man, a rope, and a trusty steed.

The incident, which was caught on camera by a witness, began when a 23-year-old alleged thief attempted to take a bike from a Walmart parking lot, police in Oregon say.

That's when Robert Borba got involved.

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According to KTVL, Borba saw the attempted theft and chased after him while riding his horse.

While the suspect fled, Borba did what any self-respecting cowboy would: he lassoed the suspect.

Borba reportedly then held down the suspect until police arrived.

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But as the suspect was hauled off to jail, Borba was more interested in his gear than he was being hailed as a hero.

"Can I have my rope back? I've gotta go," he asked police.

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