Adorable Baby Koala Checks Out Its Home After Emerging From Its Mom's Pouch

The fluffy joey was born to mom Cambee at the zoo last November but has only recently emerged.

A baby koala has been seen checking out its home at the San Diego Zoo after the bashful marsupial left its mom's pouch for the first time.

The fluffy joey was born to mom Cambee at the zoo last November but has only recently emerged.

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Adorable footage released by the zoo shows the baby, who has not yet been named, clinging to her mom's fur as she traverses branches. The joey will remain by Cambee's side over the next few months.

Staff expressed their excitement at their new addition. 

"It is always fun when we get to work with koala joeys and watch their personalities develop," said zoo keeper Lacy Pearson. "At this age, she has not shown us her personality yet, but she is doing great, and has already started to eat eucalyptus leaves."

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According to the San Diego Zoo, it has the most successful koala breeding program outside of Australia. Researchers are studying the koalas to better understand their behaviors and health in order to develop better conservation efforts.

Visitors can visit the koala joey and her mom at the Zoo’s Australian Outback habitat or you can watch them on the Koala Cam.

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