Girl, 5, Gets Happily Ever After When Disney Princesses Surprise Her at Adoption Court Hearing

"Every single time I go to her house, we always have a tea party, and it's always on Disney china," Danielle's foster care case worker said.

This Disney-obsessed Michigan girl got her happily ever after when her favorite Disney princesses and princes showed up to wish her well at her final adoption hearing.

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When the team behind 5-year-old Danielle's adoption and foster care caught wind of her love of all things Disney, they decided to make a special day for her even more special by attending her final adoption hearing in costume.

In a video shared by Samaritas Foster Care, Danielle can be seen turning around at the door, in shock, partway through the adoption hearing when seven Disney princesses and Prince Charming can be seen walking through the door, bearing witness to her magical day earlier this month.

Caseworker Kristina Grey told that she has grown a special bond with Danielle since she was placed with the Konings family in March 2014 as a foster child.

"She was my first case," Grey said. "She's been like my own child."

She quickly learned that Danielle loved Cinderella, and other elegant Disney characters: "Every single time I go to her house, we always have a tea party, and it's always on Disney china."

As the final adoption hearing approached, Grey said she could tell Danielle was feeling a little nervous.

"She was displaying all this anxiety," Grey explained. "She was so afraid we were going to take her from this home. She wanted to know where she belonged, so I knew I had to make this day super special for her."

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Knowing her love for Cinderella, she asked a coworker at a staff meeting whether she would come to the hearing dressed up as the Disney princess.

Suddenly, everyone jumped at the opportunity to dress up as a different Disney princess. By the end of the meeting, seven Disney princesses, including including Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Elsa, Ariel and Snow White, prepared their costumes for the big day. Prince Charming also volunteered to be part of the fun.

When Judge Patricia Gardner caught wind of their plans, she decided to intervene ... by dressing up as Snow White underneath her robe, and conducting the hearing as a Disney princess herself.

And, fittingly, Grey and two of her colleagues that led the case for Danielle's adoption dressed up with tiaras and wand as the girl's fairy godmothers.

The Konings, who adopted Danielle that day, also adopted 1-year-old Naveah during the same hearing. Even though Naveah may have been too young to understand what was going on, foster care and adoption workers at the hearing said they could tell she was also having a lot of fun.

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Grey told that the icing on the cake was when Danielle's birth mother commented on Facebook: "I'm very happy that the adoption went well I know Jim and Sarah (Koning) will be great parents to my little girl."

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