Father of Orlando Killer Says He Wishes Son 'Wasn't Born'

Seddique Mateen is trying to figure out where he went wrong raising his son.

The father of Omar Mateen has denounced his son, two days after the Orlando shooter's stormed a popular gay nightclub, killing 49 people and leaving dozens injured. 

In an interview with Inside Edition from his home in Port St. Lucie, Florida, Tuesday, Seddique Mateen said: "Sometimes I wish the son wasn't born."

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"I did everything possible," he continued, "sent him to school, sent him to college paid for all expenses and he turned out to be a terrorist. I wish no father go through what I am going through."

His son entered the club early Sunday morning, armed with an AR-15 assault rifle in what became a three-hour reign of terror.

"I am anxious to know why did he do that," his father said. "I have the same amount of knowledge as you do. He destroyed the love and care that the United States offers to everybody."

He added: “He did it on his own. I wish I knew about it, I would have stopped him. I am sorry I was not able to catch him, he learned all of these tricks, whatever that he used to not show the emotion. I didn’t notice anything. If I did notice, I would have caught him and this incident would have not happened and we would not be here."

Incredibly, Seddique also pointed a finger at the club, claiming it did not have proper security measures in place. His comments come despite one of the club's bouncers, Imran Yousuf, being lauded as a hero for helping dozens of party-goers escape.

"If there was good security this would have not happened," he said. "They would have destroyed him and the world would be in peace. Why didn’t they provide security? I wish the action from the police department was faster."

In a statement to Inside Edition, Pulse called his comments "callous."

“We continue to grieve for the loss of so many lives and for the challenges the many survivors now face," it said. "We simply can’t find the words to respond to such a callous comment from the father of the man who perpetrated this heinous act."

The comments Seddique Mateen made Tuesday were a far cry from his original remarks to reporters the day before.

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In a series of interviews Monday, Seddique said: “God himself will punish those involved in homosexuality, this is not for the servants.”

On Tuesday, he apologized for those words, saying he spoke in the heat of the moment and was not thinking properly.

“If anything I said that was wrong, I hope they forgive me,” he said.

As he decried his 29-year-old son's actions, he declared his wishes to visit victims and their families. He also denounced radical Islam groups, saying: “They have a sickness that I wish we can destroy.”

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