Orlando Shooter's Wife Knew He Planned To Attack Club, Tried To Talk Him Out Of It: Report

Noor Zahi Salman is cooperating with the FBI, authorities say.

The wife of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen has told FBI agents she tried to talk her husband out of his murderous rampage, according to a report.

Noor Zahi Salman was with Mateen when he bought a holster and ammunition, she told federal investigators, according to NBC News, which cited officials familiar with the case.

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She also said she had once driven him to the gay nightclub Pulse – where he opened fire on patrons Sunday, killing 49 of them  because he wanted to scope out the venue, according to the network.

Of the 53 injured, six were in critical condition Tuesday and doctors said the number of fatalities may increase.

She also said she had accompanied her husband to Disney World, in what she described as a family trip, but officials believe Mateen may have considered the amusement park as a target.

Federal authorities are mulling whether to press charges against the woman, who has a 3-year-old son with Mateen.

She is cooperating with investigators, the report said.

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Her alleged knowledge of the attack came Tuesday as survivors began to publicly tell of the horrors they experienced as Mateen fired round after round for three hours inside the packed nightclub.

Patience Carter, 20, a Philadelphia student on vacation, said she took cover in a bloody bathroom with several others as the gunman stalked the club. She saw a pile of bodies slumped over a toilet and bloodied handprints on the wall, she said.

“I made peace with God,” Carter told reporters. “I was just begging God to take me.” She was shot twice in the legs. “I didn’t want to feel any more pain. I didn’t want to feel any more shots.”

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