Meet Watson, the Psychic Sea Lion That Can Pick the Winner of an Upcoming Soccer Game

Is Watson the Sea Lion the new Paul the Octopus?

A sea lion that resides inside a French zoo is being hailed a psychic across his country after predicting the outcome of a recent soccer game.

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Watson the Sea Lion lives in Zoo d’Amneville. Prior to his country hosting this summer’s Euro soccer tournament, he successfully predicted France to win their first game against Romania Friday.

Watson’s trainer and zookeeper, Pablo Joury, set up two pails with flags from each respective country in the buckets and let the animal pick. It picked the pail with France to win the opening game.

France did win 2-1 against Romania and the pail-picking could be a sign of things to come.

Joury hopes Watson becomes the next Paul the Octopus, the famous German octopus that successfully predicted the outcome of many matches in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Paul passed away months after the tournament ended and the soccer world has not has a psychic sea creature predicting matches since.

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Joury let fans on his Facebook page know: “Our Watson incorporates the prognoses for the euro cup to come!!”

So far, the match against France and Romania has been his only prediction.

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