Las Vegas Showgirl Goes Missing

A Las Vegas showgirl who expressed concern over obsessed fans has been missing for over a week as police search for clues. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

She's a sexy Las Vegas showgirl and topless model. Now she's missing, and the focus of an increasingly desperate search.

31-year-old Debbie Flores-Narvaez is a dancer in Fantasy, the long-running adult show at the Luxor hotel on the Las Vegas strip. She's also a dancer at the Rain nightclub at The Palms.

Police say she hasn't been seen since her last performance over a week ago, when she left her apartment to visit an ex-boyfriend. When she failed to turn up for dance practice next day, friends raised the alarm.

Flores-Narvaez's sister Celeste said, "Right now, there are some leads into a couple of people. It's not certain who they are."

Ex-boyfriend Blu Griffith reported to her family that Debbie Flores-Narvaez visited him for a short time and left to see other friends.

A raunchy music video she made with him is on her Youtube channel.

There's also indications she was being stalked. On her Myspace page she says she dances in Vegas shows but, "can't say which one...too many stalkers."

Flores-Navaez's Geo Prizm car was found abandoned last week, but with no sign of Flores-Navaez.

Debbie has an impressive resume. She has both a law degree and an MBA. But instead of a career in law or Wall Street she became a Washington Redskins cheerleader in 2007.

She left the Redskins to follow another dream, as a dancer and model.

On her Facebook page she writes: "Live life to the fullest. Life is short. Death is forever."

When police found Flores-Narvaez's car her purse was on the back seat with her makeup, and the license plates had been removed.