Michelle Obama Talks Post-White House Plans in Oprah Interview: 'I Want to Go to Target'

The first lady and the Queen of Talk sat down for what may be their final interview before the former exits the White House in January.

Talk queen Oprah Winfrey sat down with Michelle Obama in what is quite possibly final interview together before the first lady departs the White House in January.

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The ladies chatted on stage Tuesday at the United States of Women summit in Washington, D.C.

Before a crowd of 5,200 people, Michelle Obama declared that she wants to go to Target in January, right when she leaves 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Exhibiting similar enthusiasm to her "You get a car! And you get a car!" moment, Oprah yelled: "We are going shopping!”

The women gushed about President Obama, with Oprah asked whether he always walked with such confidence and swagger.

In response, the first lady called her husband "swagalicious."

Mrs. Obama discussed the high points of her time in the nation’s capital like meeting Pope Francis, dining with Queen Elizabeth and hearing Prince and Stevie Wonder perform inside the White House.

She also discussed what it was like raising her two daughters, Sasha and Malia, in Washington.

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Mrs. Obama said: “It still moves me to tears to think about the first day I put them in the car with their Secret Service agents on their first day of school and I saw them leaving and I thought, ‘What on Earth am I doing to these babies?’”

She added that she wanted to create the hectic environment of Washington as normal as possible to raise her two children inside the walls of America’s highest office.

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