Drunk Customer Leaves $1000 Tip at Restaurant - Then Returns the Next Day to Get It Back

A server in Colorado thought he'd done a great job, but his customer just turned out to have been intoxicated.

A server in Colorado thought he'd done a great job when a man left a shocking $1,000 tip.

But the customer wasn't a generous high-roller — he was just drunk. 

The server at Thailicious, located outside Denver in Edgewater, took the tip to proprietor Bee Anantatho immediately.

"We heard about people giving 100-dollar tips but not 1,000 so we were surprised," Anantatho said.

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But the Bangkok-style Thai joint has been steadily growing a loyal following since Anantatho and her husband immigrated to Denver five years ago.

"We were happy because at first we want to give our best service to our customers," Anantatho told InsideEdition.com.

But sensing something might not be what it appeared to be, the restaurateur took the tip — totaling $1,088 — and held onto it in case the customer returned.

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“Some part of me believed it was a mistake because it was too much for a tip." she said.

Turns out, she was right.

The next day, the man returned and asked for his money back. He was "a little drunk," he said, and left all the money he had instead of the $40 cost of the bill.

While it wasn't even close to what he left originally, the server was given an impressive $60 tip.

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