Victim of Orlando Massacre Was Once a Backup Singer for Ariana Grande, Jason Derulo

Shane Tomlinson was one of the 49 victims of the shooting that also left 53 injured.

A victim of the Pulse nightclub shooting once performed as a backup singer for pop superstar Ariana Grande.

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Shane Tomlinson, 33, performed with his group Frequency Band at a nearby Orlando nightclub, Blue Martini, before going to Pulse the night of the massacre.

Tomlinson was one of the 49 victims of the shooting that also left 53 injured.

He once performed back-up vocals for Ariana Grande and Jason Derulo at Walt Disney World for a Christmas special in December.

He graduated from East Carolina University in 2003 with a bachelors in communication and a minor in business administration.

His mother, Corliss, told Inside Edition: "This is any parent's worst nightmare. It is horrific. I will never get over this in my whole life. Never ever. We all know we gotta go but in such a horrific way is just… What do you say to that? To know that your son got shot up for going to a dance club?”

She emotionally added: "I will never see my son again because of it…He took my son’s life and 40 something others for his mental illness."

Six of his closest friends eulogized their friend to Inside Edition.

Koren Green was the last to see Tomlinson. She watched him perform at Blue Martini earlier in the night.

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She said it seemed like a regular night for the singer, he took off and went to Pulse where they parted ways.

Travis White said: "I am going to miss the funny Shane. He was always around to crack a joke... He always had great advice, sometimes you didn’t want to hear it but it was right."

Jai Saint, added: "It was positive energy all the time."

Saint said he and friends would frequent Pulse "once a month," but they did not accompany him on the night of the shooting. Each of his buddies had other engagements.

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