Bernie Madoff Reportedly Breaks Down Over Son's Suicide

A source inside the prison where Bernie Madoff is serving his 150 year sentence reportedly said the swindler broke down upon hearing of his son's suicide. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

The most notorious swindler in U.S. history never shows emotion, but now we're learning that Bernie Madoff broke down sobbing when he learned of his son's suicide.

"He was crying, and he was very distraught," said an ex-con from the same prison where Madoff is serving 150 years, adding that when Madoff was told his son Mark had taken his own life, he looked, "like someone had shot him in the stomach." (Source: New York Post)

Bernie Madoff biographer Andrew Kirtzman said, "Madoff showed no remorse about bankrupting his best friends, but he took pretty good care of his sons and his wife, his nuclear family. I don't doubt that he's devastated by this."

The world was shocked by the suicide of Mark Madoff, who hanged himself with his dog's leash from the ceiling of his loft in lower Manhattan. Bernie Madoff was notified of the tragedy about five hours after it happened.

According to the ex-con, a sobbing Madoff returned to his cell and stayed there for two days, devastated because no family members came to visit him.

"It's only now that he's caused the death of one of his beloved sons, that I think, that he's really going to suffer. He's in a private hell," said Kirtzman.