Orlando Gunman Had Applied to Police Academy, but Was Rejected Due to 'Bizarre' Behavior: Report

Omar Mateen contended that he was dismissed from the academy because he was a Muslim, according to a report.

Orlando shooter Omar Mateen applied to become a police officer last summer in his hometown of Fort Pierce, Florida, but he didn't make it very far, according to a report.

He was rejected after exhibiting bizarre behavior during an interview at the police academy.

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"Everything was an argument," the Daily Mail reported, citing a source. He claimed his application was futile. "You won't let me in because I'm a Muslim," he said.

Inside Edition has obtained Mateen's Florida firearm license, which showed he received a perfect score of 100 on exams for three types of handguns.

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His strange behavior began in childhood, according to Robert Zirkle, who says he knew Mateen in the fifth grade.

On 9/11, Mateen joked about the attacks, he said, and made "plane noises."

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