Unconscious Woman Receives CPR From Bride in Her Wedding Gown: 'My Nursing Instincts Kicked In'

"I'm obviously very proud, but she does this every day. This time, it happened to be in a wedding dress," her groom said.

Weddings may be full of surprises, but this was last thing a Pittsburgh bride expected after walking down the aisle.

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As bride and groom Julie and Andrew Nixon — still dressed in their wedding finery — approached a hotel after leaving their reception, they saw a man running outside the building yelling: "Does anybody know CPR? Is anyone a doctor?"

"I just kind of took off, and ran to the young girl lying on the bench," Julie told Inside Edition.

Luckily for the unconscious woman, who was in her 20s, Julie is a trained truama nurse at the UPMC Presbytarian Hospital.

"My nursing instincts took over," Julie said. She immediately began assessing the girl's vitals and noted that she had a strong pulse, but shallow breathing.

She cleared the girl's airway, and then began to administer CPR for two or three minutes, Andrew said.

"Next thing I know, the girl woke up and realized where she was," Andrew said.

She grabbed Julie's hand, and the crowd breathed a sigh of relief as the once-unconscious girl flashed a smile.

As everyone began to calm down, the gown-clad bride said somebody in the crowd asked through the silence, "Did you just get married today?"

The newlyweds responded a sheepish "Yes," and left the scene as paramedics arrived.

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"That's Julie, and it didn't surprise me one bit," Andrew told Inside Edition. "I'm obviously very proud, but she does this every day. This time, it happened to be in a wedding dress.

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