Inside the Pulse Nightclub Bathroom During Massacre: 'We Just Stayed Quiet'

The gunman was seeking revenge in the name of ISIS.

New video obtained by a Florida local news station shows the terrifying moments inside a bathroom at the Pulse nightclub, where dozens of people took cover during the terrifying siege.

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About 30 revelers from the club hid for about four hours, passing around cups of water and lending assistance to the wounded.

The video was shot by one of the wounded, Miguel Leiva, who said he wanted to show a friend what was happening.

"She's asking me, 'Are all those people dead next to you?'" Leiva told Local 10. "There was one cup in the bathroom and we rinsed the cup, trying to give everybody a little bit of water."

Leiva suffered two gunshot wounds during the massacre, he was dragged out of the bathroom by an officer when the SWAT team moved in to end the siege.

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"We just stayed quiet, and everybody's phone kept ringing," Leiva said. "The only way we knew to, like, let our families know, you know, we're OK, we're OK, was just to record it and let them hear that we're trying to be quiet and send the video."

Prior to the Orlando nightclub massacre, gunman Omar Mateen posted a final message on his Facebook page.

“You kill innocent women and children by doing us airstrikes. Now taste the Islamic state vengeance,” he wrote.

The FBI has released a plea to the public seeking information and asking anyone who has had contact in person or online with Mateen to come forward.

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