Man Hailed a Hero as He Uses Rock to Free Dog Locked in Stifling BMW: 'A Recipe for Disaster'

A crowd erupted in applause as Mark Lewis smashed into the vehicle, which was parked in direct sunlight on a hot day.

The man who rescued a dog locked in a hot car has some harsh words for the poor pooch’s owners.

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“You have to use some judgement and these owners didn't,” Mark Lewis, a radio sales manager in Ontario, Canada, told Inside Edition.

In a video shot June 11, Lewis saved the dog from a boiling 90-degree car by taking a large rock and ramming it against the BMW’s rear window. A car’s owner did leave a window open just a crack but it was clearly not enough for the dog.

“The car was in direct sunlight,” he said. “A recipe for disaster.”

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A crowd that had gathered around Lewis applauded and when he reached in to save the dog, the pooch was covered in sweat.

"It was quite lethargic,” Lewis said.

The owner of the car and dog has not been identified.

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