Dads Tear Up During School's Career Fair: 'My Dad Is Special, And Here Are the Reasons Why'

Instead of talking about their jobs, their kids presented an emotional speech about the most important job of all: Being a father.

These California dads were prepared to talk about their jobs at the school's career fair, but it was their kids who would give an emotional speech about the most important job of all: Being a father.

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Firefighters, police officers and investment bankers marched into Tierra Linda School in Camarillo earlier this month with speeches to be presented at a school career day.

Imagine the shock on their face when it was actually their sons and daughters who would be presenting the real speeches.

Principal Robert Waggoner explained to that with the help of the students and moms, they invited each dad to join the classroom individually. They each began their speech, but were interrupted within 5 minutes by a teacher.

"We turned it toward the kids, and the kids then made the speech as to why their fathers were so special to them," Waggoner said.

In an emotional video by Kleenex, kids in first to third grade can be seen joining their dads at the front of the room, and reading speeches they prepared, honoring their fathers.

"Dad, you are special and I hope you know that," one boy read. "You have the best job ever and that job is being a dad."

"I miss him when he's at work," one boy read to his dad in uniform.

"He always teaches me a lot, like how to take care of myself and how to be a mighty good man," one boy said with his older sister beside as their dad wipes a tear from his eye. "I feel so special because my dad picked me and my sister to adopt us."

"We had a gentleman that was a police officer," Waggoner later told "Just to see him cry in uniform, I thought that was really touching."

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Waggoner explained that the students wrote the speeches with the help of teachers, and moms were the driving force behind keeping the event a secret from their fathers.

"One thing that really resonated with me is that small moments are so important in our kids lives," Waggoner said to "I have two kids, and I walked away from that day trying to be a little more cognizant of the small moments."

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