Cop Chases Chicken on the Run Near Restaurant, Insists It Didn't Cross the Road

Winner winner, not quite chicken dinner!

Which came first  the chicken or the cop?

Even though a Texas police officer was hot on this chicken's tail, it appears the winged perp may have gotten away this time.

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Captain Garivey at the Freeport Police Department told Officer Curtis Land was called in after a chicken was spotted running loose downtown, and animal control officers were already off for the day.

Though the police department still doesn't know how the fowl got there, Garivey joked that it's no wonder the chicken scurried after being found near a Church's Chicken.

"Some of my detectives, they're making fun that it was probably running away from the Church's Chicken," Garivey said.

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In a video posted by the Freeport Police Department, Land could be seen running after the bird as it clucked itself across the gas station.

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The cop chased the chicken for four or five minutes before the bird disappeared into the night, and became yet another suspect "missing in action," Garivey said.

Despite the classic joke, Garivey assured that the chicken was not running across the road: "People would have called concerned if it had been."

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