The 'Happy Medium' Is Bringing the Good News From the Spirit World

Kim Russo says she can communicate with the spirit world, and her readings are spot-on for Inside Edition.

The woman who has dubbed herself “The Happy Medium” is bringing joy to believers and let a certain cat out of the bag when she did a reading for Inside Edition.

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“I didn't start communicating with the spirit world until my mid-20s but I have been seeing apparitions and entities at the foot of my bed since age 9,” Kim Russo said.

In her new book, The Happy Medium, Russo takes the "kookiness" out of the spirit world.

“People have actually said that after readings with me they were able to sleep at night; sometimes for the first time in 20 or 30 years,” she said. “I was one of those people who thought it was a little hookie and kookie and if I didn't do this work, I don't know if I’d believe myself.”

She connected with spirts from the great beyond and gave a reading to Inside Edition’s Ann Mercogliano

“I see the soul of a girl hovering around you,” she told Mercogliano.

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The Inside Edition correspondent had not yet told anyone prior to the meeting with Russo, but Mercogliano is in fact pregnant with a girl.

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