Broadway's Spider-Man Has Another Stunt Accident

Another accident stops a production of Broadway's Spider-Man musical, as a fourth performer is rushed to the hospital after falling 30 feet during a stunt. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

A terrifying fall was caught on tape during a live performance of Broadway's most expensive and controversial new show.

An actor playing the super hero Spiderman plummeted 30 feet in a stunt gone horribly wrong during the new musical Spider-Man - Turn Off The Dark.

In a video shot by an audience member you can see the rope attached to the actor snap. He then drops into a dark pit below the stage.

The horrifying incident occurred seven minutes before the end of the show's second act.  Shocked audience members reportedly screamed and even sobbed after seeing the dramatic fall and hearing a loud thud.  The theater's house lights went up and an announcement was made that the show was over.

31-year-old Christopher Tierney has been identified as the actor injured in the heart stopping crash. He is an aerialist who performs some of the complicated high flying stunts in the show.

The risky acrobatics have made Spider-Man the most expensive show in Broadway history, with a whopping $65 million price tag.  The show is in previews and its opening has been delayed several times.

The Today show's Hoda Kotbe said, "It's been riddled with accidents. Real physical accidents. The actors are getting hurt."

Tierney, strapped into a stretcher, got a rousing ovation as he was loaded into an ambulance outside the theater.