Toddlers Battling Cancer Become Best Friends: 'Happy While They're Fighting So Hard'

Aiden, 3, and Silas, 2, crack each other up in the pediatric cancer unit.

These two toddlers are best buddies, giggling and screaming as they are pulled in a little red wagon.

But their pint-sized transport rolls down the pediatric cancer ward at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital and what brings them together is their shared suffering from a rare form of leukemia.

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Aiden Kramer, 3, and Silas Rye, 2, are fighting for their young lives while managing to be there for each other in their times of need.

“Medicine does its job, doctors come in and their compassionate, but having somebody, especially a child who is missing out on their childhood, to be able to be truly happy – happy while they’re fighting so hard – you can’t buy that, Ashley Kramer told KCBS-TV.

The boys met in the Fall, in the hospital’s playroom, not long after Aiden was admitted.

Aiden’s mother says the bond was instantaneous. “It was like, ‘He’s my size! And they hit it right off.”

Silas has endured 17 rounds of chemo since being diagnosed shortly after he was born. Aiden’s leukemia was recently discovered.

“It’s extremely difficult,” said Sabrina Rye. “It’s even harder when you see him get so excited about an elevator ride and you just know there is so much more out there that he deserves."

The 2-year-old’s cancer has returned, and he remains at the hospital. Aiden was well enough to go home, and the boys miss each other.

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Aiden’s parents bring him back to the 4 East wing to visit Silas often.

“When your son wakes up and says ‘Let’s go to 4 East,’ and I’m like ‘Honey, you have to go to school,’ it’s not negative. All the bad stuff, and it’s still not negative,” said Aiden’s mother.

The parents often dream of trips they’ll take when both boys are feeling well.

“We’re like, ‘We’re going to Disneyland, we’re going up to see the Sequoias together, we’re going camping,” Silas’ mom told the station.

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