James Corden Takes 'Carpool Karaoke' to the Next Level With Selena Gomez and a Roller Coaster

Pop star Selena Gomez convinced the host to take the ride.

James Corden has stepped up his famous "Carpool Karaoke" segments on The Late Late Show by taking it to new heights — literally — on a roller coaster.

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On Monday night's episode, pop star Selena Gomez thought outside the wagon and suggested that they have a detour and go do their segment on a coaster inside a Los Angeles’ amusement park.

As the coaster climbed on the incline, they started singing and continued as the ride plunged toward the Earth and spun around in corkscrews.

Corden looked like his life was flashing before his eyes while Gomez didn’t miss a beat.

“God, that was no fun,” the host said.

When they got back in the car, the energetic singer said: “It just gets you going.”

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“It gets you going the wrong way,” Corden comically replied.

As the duo resumed their car ride they sang to more tunes, drank shots of ginseng and went to McDonald’s for lunch – even singing to the employees at the fast food chain.

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