Craigslist Killer Becomes a Movie

The nation was shocked when the case of the "Craigslist Killer" made headlines. Now the story has become a TV movie and INSIDE EDITION is face-to-face with the actors on the set.

It's the made-for-TV movie about the dark and mysterious world of the so-called "Craigslist Killer."

The film chronicles the remarkable double life of Philip Markoff. The former Boston University medical student allegedly prowled Craigslist for victims, all the while preparing for a promising future as a doctor with his fiancé Megan McAllister.

Markoff was famously caught on hotel surveillance cameras moments after Julissa Brisman was murdered at a Boston hotel in 2009. He pled not guilty to the crime and was held in a county jail.

Markoff killed himself while he was in custody. To make the film as realistic as possible, it's actually being shot in a real prison east of Los Angeles.

INSIDE EDITION was exclusively on the set for a face-to-face encounter between Markoff, played by actor Jake McDorman, and the lead homicide detective played by Billy Baldwin.

Baldwin told INSIDE EDITION, "What I think is so facinating about it is that boy next door quality. He had it all, he had it all going for him. He had this beautiful young woman whom he was engaged to. He was a straight A student. He was in medical school."

And take a look at McDorman's uncanny resemblance to Philip Markoff.

The Craigslist Killer premieres January 3rd on Lifetime at 9pm Eastern time, 8pm Central time.