Teen Faces Sharks For the First Time Since His Arm Was Eaten in Attack

It's officially summer, which means sunshine, swimming and Shark Week. This year, shark survivors face their fears.

It's officially summer, which means sunshine, shorts, swimming... and Shark Week.

The major television event kicks off Sunday on the Discovery Channel, and is not without its gripping narratives of dangerous encounters with the sea predators.

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One will tell the story of Paul de Gelder, who survived a shark attack in Australia’s Sydney Harbor in 2009. The Australian Navy diver lost an arm and a leg in the harbor's first shark attack in 60 years.

"Well I could see my safety boat in the distance and I started to swim toward it," he told Inside Edition in 2015. "I look up and saw that my arm was missing. It was just gone."

In the showSharks Among Us, De Gelder meets 16-year-old Hunter Treshl, a high school junior from North Carolina. His arm was eaten by a shark when he was swimming during a vacation a year ago.

The series is out to prove that sharks and humans can coexist peacefully.

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In the episode, Treshl goes back to the water for first time since the incident that changed his life, coming face-to-face with the species that attacked him.

Sharks Among Us will air Monday as part of the eight-night Shark Week event. 

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