Cow Sweet It Is! Injured Baby Calf's Protective Mother Won't Leave His Side

Animal Aid, India captured this heartwarming video of a baby calf being rescued, with the baby's mother keeping watch.

It's the heartwarming tale of a calf's road to recovery, under the watchful eye of his mother.

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Bambi, as the injured animal has been affectionately dubbed, was found curled up on the street in India with a bloody rag tied around his hoof after he was hit by a car. 

Unable to walk and covered in flies, the calf was picked up by Animal Aid workers, but not before the calf's mother discovered her baby was being taken. 

The saga was captured on video by Animal Aid Unlimited.

The protective mama cow ran after her baby, and was welcomed onto the rescue truck with her baby, as he was driven to be bandaged up and cleaned. 

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In time, Bambi healed, and is now able to run, play and explore as much as he wishes, with his mother right by his side. 

Despite his amazing growth and recovery, Bambi still relies on his mother for a comfort feed or a snuggle from his caring mother. 

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