Father of the Year: Dad Gets Matching Surgery Scar Tattoo to Support His Son With Cancer

The father and son took the photo at the annual St. Baldrick's Foundation in Wichita and entered into the charity's #BestBaldDad Father's Day competition.

A Kansas father who wanted to give his son some self-confidence after cancer surgery left a scar on the child’s head decided to do the un-ink-able.

Josh Marshall, 28, tattooed an image of the same scar on the right side of his head to match his 8-year-old son, Gabriel.

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“He said he felt like a monster because anywhere we went people would stare at him,” Josh told InsideEdition.com.

When Gabriel was younger, doctors discovered a golf ball-sized cancerous tumor in his brain which needed to be removed.

The father and son took the photo at the annual St. Baldrick’s Foundation in Wichita and entered into the charity’s #BestBaldDad Father’s Day competition.

Surprising no one, Josh came in first place.

Since being posted on the St. Baldrick’s website and social accounts, the photo has captured the attention of people across the world.

“I was overwhelmed with joy then by the support I had received, I never anticipated it would be this big,” Josh said.

In a Facebook group called “Prayers For Gabe Marshall,” other bald men with scars have posted their photos to give Gabriel some support.

People have also left uplifting comments to Gabriel and his family.

“Live each day, you own it, love each person you meet. Pat yourself on the back. You are a hero,” one person wrote.

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“Way to go Josh and Gabe. You're both an inspiration to everyone,” another said.

Another said: “Gabe, you're a Superhero!!!!!!”

Josh said that while his son is not out of the woods yet, he is “doing good given the circumstances.”

“His last few scans have been stable although he's not tumor-free he has his next scans set for June 27 and he receives them every 6-12 weeks,” the dad said.

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