Holiday Diet Tips from Joy Bauer

Nutritionist Joy Bauer gives INSIDE EDITION some tips for maintaining your weight throughout the holidays.

If you are trying to avoid any weight gain this holiday season, Joy Bauer, nutrionist and exercise guru of Slimdown Workout has five simple tips.

Tip 1: Don't go to a party hungry.

Before you leave the house have a small snack, about 100 to 200 calories. Try an apple sliced with a little bit of peanut butter, or an orange and a string cheese. Or take 2 rice cakes and top them with turkey breast and tomato slices."

Remember liquor is loaded with calories

Tip 2: Watch the alcohol. Pick the slimming options such as a glass of white or red wine or a flute of champagne or a light beer.

Tip 3: Be mindful not to nibble.

Nibbling between meals is problematic throughout the entire year, but it hits an all-time high throughout the holiday season because everywhere you look there are goodies. There is brownies, there's cookies. A little bit of this a little bit of that and before you know you have consumed a thousand calories on top of your meals and snacks."

Don't forget to hit the gym.

Tip 4: Make exercise a priority.

Exercise burns calories so it gives you a little bit more wiggle room with your food intake.

And lastly.

Tip 5: Selectivly splurge.

Pick a few parties or holiday gatherings and allow yourself to indulge. And when you do indulge, follow my rule of one. Enjoy on of each delicious looking appetizer, one plate filled with anything you want and one decadent dessert."